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Dec. 1st, 2006

I think Im happy.

He's so sweet.

He makes me feel...different.
The conversation we had last night...that i forgot to save...but...it was such a serious conversation. It was good. That was probably the most serious conversation I've ever had lol
Sam and I just screamed at eachother..
Scott and I never talked.

Maybe this is good.
I am excited to see him! :D
So here I am falling for you...

When, what isnt that long, I was saying I would never falll for anyone ever again.

I would never let my heart be attatched again.

But there's something about you.

Last night just made me fall twice as hard.

I dont know if I deserve this.

So sweet...so considerate...so like EVERYTHING I've wanted to have in a guy.

There's no way I can just turn and run from this. I wont just turn and run from this, but that doesnt mean I'm not scared.

I am scared.

But again...there's something about you.

There's something that I trust. There's sincerity in everything you say... and there's honesty in that irresistable smile.


I'm not sure why I was lucky enough to meet him. I'm not sure why he's even giving me a chance.
But I'm not going to complain.
He's seriously like the sweetest guy I've ever met.
THe things that he said last night and the respect that he's shown me....
I am nervous about falling for someone...
but there's something different about him. There's something I can't just turn away from...

I hope things work.

Am I asking them not to just by asking that?

i hope not...
Definitely a night to remember!!!

Fucking fun night!!


Good times, yo!!!

Thanks for the Drinks Chelsie!!!!! Gilda...thanks for putting up with me lol you are a fucking trooper! Katie...ur hot!!!! Dont worry, you were awesome tonight, Dont be embarrassed about ANYTHING!!!!! Ashely...you fucking rock. I wish i could steal tips like you do!!! Thanks for the shot from the stolen money!! Amanda....lol...what to say about amanda. You are fucking hilarious.. LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!!
And Gilda, who was the hot guy in the white sweater?? HOOK ME UP! YO!!!

Good times, th anks for making me come lol and not letting me be lazy and tired...it was soooo much fun!!!

See you guys tomorrow...too bad we actually have to do homeworK!!!
We'll go out again, FO SHOO!!!!!!

Sarah hunny, i hope you had a good time at Whiskeys!!! I missed you tonight...drinking just aint the same without you darlin!!!
Call Me or message me K??? LOVE YOU LOTS!!! <3 <3 <3


You make me laugh.

I'll just let you be right k?


There is -something- but....

You get what I mean?

The four of us. :P

Cute, hunny, very very cute!!!

Can you imagine if there were no ties there...hahaha...for either one of us.
that would be interesting...

except for no.


I'm just having fun with the "crush". That's all. :D

can't deny...well y'know...but... yeah..
This is a weird entry.

Hopefully you catch on to it all!

It was nice talking to you! You should not ignore me more often!! :P

Love u!
So much for no more crying.

Thanks for telling me you love me.
Thanks for telling me you miss me.
Thanks for telling me you want to be together.

Thanks for nothing.

Why tell me all those things just to say that it's over anyway?
It's not -at all- that I didnt actually enjoy myself this weekend.
I definitely did.
Hiding behind the drunk just isnt how I wanted to get over this.

It's been a month today.

I refuse to cry anymore.

I'm not shedding another tear over this.
There's nothing I can do to change it.
I"m just going to keep busy.

And keep having fucking amazing weekends like this one!! Thanks so much Sar and Andi!!
And definitely thanks for putting up with extra drunk me on Saturday night.
Even I'm shocked at how drunk I was...
And I paid for it yesterday lol

You guys are awesome.

Sar, good plan with going friday and saturday!! You're the smart one!!

Love you guys.

If you dont notice.

I'm going to stop trying.

Keep that in mind.

Hating Caitlin is great.

Totally unrelated.

I give up.

I dont think I have a choice.

He's throwing my emotions back and forth...I can't do it.
One day he loves me and wants to get back together.
And then he basically ignores me...

Like I can't do this.

Considering you said that you didnt want to put me through any sort of roller coaster ride....
you're doing a bad job!!

This is one mother fucker of a rollercoaster buddy!!

I am in love with you.
And I'd go back in an instant...

You're hurting me.

I just want you.

no one else.

Why can't you see?

I wish I could be different. I wish I could be someone else...maybe then, you would still want to be with me.

It kills me...
Because put me and you together...and I -know- you are attracted to me.
but I question how much you -care- about me...

Just open up your eyes a little.

pay attention.

What we had was good.
what we could have is even better.

Just stop trying to look at "both angles" all the time, and just live.

I miss you.

You're my brown eyed girl!

Happy Birthday Homo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sar, you deserve the best!! Have fun today!!

Love u.
I'm not doing this LJ over dramatic bullshit. 
I'm done with that.

I'm done with simple minded people.

I'm done with people who dont understand.

That's correct, I'm done with you.

This is over as of now.

I wish you the best,

take care.



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