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If you were a real friend...you would see that this hurts.

If you were a real friend...you would see what is important.

But it comes down to what it always does.


and YOU want your stupid mother fucking iPod.

although, you do know what kind of situation I'm in...since for the last year...I've confided in you...and cried to YOU about my problems....

As a friend...I thought you were better than this.

But anyone I've ever called a best friend...has always gotta do SOMETHING that stabs me in the back.

So from now on.


i dont need you.


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Dec. 28th, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
Ok, so you have enough balls to say something and then you delete it?

Lucky for you I still got it.

I have a few KEY points I would like to make VERY CLEAR.

1) I know I am not perfect and I make mistakes. And that's fine. I never once said you were perfect and you don't make mistakes. BUT when someone is very patient about something that is important to them (even though it might not be important to you) you should maybe be a bit more sensitive about it. You know. Because you know damn fucking right that if that was YOUR "item" you would be ALL OVER her until she either found it or replaced it. Maybe a 200$+ iPod is nothing to you. And that's your business. But it's your friends. And maybe instead of being the selfish person you always are you should have worked a little harder on being a bit more sensitive about the whole issue. OH! and since we started the whole "money issue" now, this brings me to point #2.

2) Since when do we live in with rich people? Last time I checked I don't. As for bills, rent, ec. I don't pay rent? I don't pay bills? EXCUSE FUCKING ME?! Oh ya I forgot. I just work at McDees for something to do because I have nothing better to do with my fucking time. Oh then I know your gonna bring in the whole factor that "Ronnie buys me everything, blah blah blah!" a little FYI hunny, he has his own shit to pay for. He doesn't pay my bills. He doesn't have it so I live with rich people. He doesn't pay for my food. Nor does he pay for my school. So don't even think about bringing him into this whole ordeal.

3) Since when is sticking up for your best friend ever an act of immaturity? Last time I checked that was being a REAL friend. But I guess you will never know what that is like since your the one who is the immature one. Is not very responsible. And still living like you did in high school. You claimed you liked high school. And you just don't want to be there? The fact is everyone else around you has grown up and taken responsibility, except for you. So don't even think about saying this is anything like high school, and that's where we are.

4) As for your "only choice" on the way life is for you, that is soo wrong. That's the choice you chose. You have many. If you would like me to point them out just msg me back and I would be more than glad to point them out for you.

5) Your telling everyone to fuck off eh? Ok, so why don't you just prance along and hang out with your new, cooler "school" friends since you don't seem to beable to treat any of your old friends with any respect what so ever. Even though they're the ones that have the history with you. But I guess it's just better to wipe the slate clean and start over eh? Whatever. It doesn't really matter to some people I guess.

Which leads me to my last point in this comment.

You don't desurve Sarah as a friend.

Have fun with your new, soo-called "better" friends.
Dec. 29th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
I deleted it because I was mad when I wrote it. I say things when I'm mad and they arent always exactly what I mean.

As for the rest of your comment...

You havent hung out with me or even known me at all in like 2 years...
SO you dont know me well enough to even have an opinion on how mature or immature I may or may not be.

I never once called the friends I made at school "better"...and to I'd like to make one thing clear...okay?

I understand you are friends with Sarah...and I respect that.

but as of now, please stay out of this okay?

you can be there for her...and listen to her vent...

but lets keep this as adult as we can and....not send nasty messages back and forth...
that's not what i intended to do.

Thanks for the input, though.

Dec. 29th, 2006 08:01 pm (UTC)
Ok, I don't know you anymore. That's true. But if that's the case and you say that I don't know you well enough to say how mature or immature you are, lets turn the tables around a bit and I can say the same thing.

So let's just cancle that one out, ok?

I was listening to her vent, and I was being there for her, but I did not start anything with you. You were the one that stated all of this, because I just simply told her what I would have done if this was about me. It was a means of comfort. You were the one that blew it out of wack. It was YOU who sent that comment. You say you did it out of anger and that's why you deleted it, but the point being is you still sent it.

If you never sent that I would have kept my mouth shut. And I wouldn't have sent you "nasty" comments.

Dec. 29th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)
I was saying that the act of CLEARLY saying I wasnt being a good enough friend in your comment in Sarah's journal was immature...
Because I do realize that I do see you enough to say that as an entire person you are immature.
And it was unfair as well...considering you dont know whether I tried to fix this...
You dont know what I'm thinking. what I'm doing....
you know NOTHING about me and my life.

so for you to say that her friends should be helping her out more was an unfaire judgement considering you had NO IDEA what I was actually doing to try and make this better.

Unfortunately, the way to put an iPod back in Sarah's hands is something I cannot do.

I do care.
And I would really like you to not try and tell me that I dont.

I can admit..I shouldnt have written anything.
I'm a big girl...i know when I make mistakes...
that's why I deleted it.

but thanks, again.

your judgemental opinions and subjective comments are quite appreciated.

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